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Financing Estimation Report

After reading all the regulatory measures, you are probably confused or find it very tedious to work out the financing estimation on your own?   On top of that, you will probably need a number of iterations before you find your comfort zone. 

Even though if you can ask an agent who is ever willing to compute the numbers (manually) for you,  do you feel bad to ask him to do another iteration if he/she has taken a while to compute the first set of numbers.

Do you need any help? 


I have spend considerable time programming an Excel spreadsheet to generate the numbers effortlessly for:

a) How much CPF/cash/bank loan you need for the purchase of an EC.

b) The payment stages and the monthly loan payment, also "what if" scenarios for different loan quantum and tenure.

 c) If your existing flat has not been sold, how much estimated sales proceed you likely to receive and recommendation how much of the sales proceed in Cash/CPF to use for redemption to establish a comfort zone.

I have used this program to help calculate the essential numbers for clients who are willing to share some personal input like age, income, CPF savings and existing housing matters. I have summarised these numbers in the one page report. All those whom I have the opportunity to serve are very appreciative of the effort that helped them tremendously in their EC purchasing decison

This is where I am able to differentiate from the rest of agents.


Below is a partial image of the report that I generate for my clients.  

Financing Snapshot


If you like a similar report for yourself, there is some data that I needed from you to get me started.  Please add in a request under the "Enquiry" box for the 'Financing Info Checklist' to be forwarded to you.  

Alternatively, we can meet at the showflat or place at your convenience, where we can go through the whole EC buying process and data gathering to generate these numbers effortlessly on the spot.



Please add in request for 'Financing Info Checklist' in the Enquiry box if you the one-page financing report 

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"Thank you for patiently taking your time to show us the mock-up flats, explaining the orientation of the scale models and providing us with valuable insights into the project and financing options.

Both myself and my wife really appreciate your effort."

 -- Hairul

"Among the agents I have come across so far, you are one of those few whom I feel at ease and comfortable speaking to. This is my frank and sincere opinion.   You truly live up to your words “Honesty and Integrity”

-- Chee Kin

"Thanks for your very kind and helpful adivce.  The testimonials were very true indeed. Another agent from xxxx is trying to make me appoint him as sole agent for EC, but did nothing much to advise like you did.  I really appreciate it"

-- J Ong

From a satisfied client who was referred by his friend. 
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"He gave us good advice based on our requirements. ....
He paid details to every single stage of the process and returned all phone calls, texts and emails the same day.  We never felt neglected or unimportant."

-- Sean Lee



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