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Below are my compilation of Executive Condominium market related images and news.











The Future Living in Punggol  - July 2013

A compilation of Punggol images in the near future.


Living in Sengkang - April 2014

A compilation of Information/Images on Sengkang



Living in Woodlands  - April 2014

A compilation of Information/Images on Woodlands 










 News Articles

1.  Articles


    a. HDB to raise income ceilings for BTO flats, ECs
www.todayoline.com   24 June 2014


     a.  ECs Helping People Meet Their Housing Aspirations
            The Business Times 25 April 2014

     b.  Shrinking Budget.  Executive Condo & The 'Sandwich' Class
            Square Foot Research Pte Ltd, Jan 2014


    a.  New EC set to hit $800 psf mark
         The Straits Times, 3 Aug 2013

    b.  Bid for Jurong EC plot raises the roof and breaks record 
         The Business Times 31st July 2013

    c.   Why ECs could see surge in demand soon - SLP
         The Business Times, 
26th July 2013

     d.   Higher fixed rates for home loans
            The Straits Times, 7
th July 2013   

    e.  Why property is still investors' pick 
         The Straits Times Tuesday,16th July 2013


2.  Selective News on Punggol

    a. Punggol likely to have more private homes than other areas
        The Straits Times Friday, 19 Oct 2012
    b. Punggol Development. Phase 2 Plan Unveiled
        The Business Times, 17 Oct 2012

    c. More Space for Foreign Schools
        The Straits Times Wed, 31 Mar 2010    


  3     EC News Summary

    a. Developer upbeat about EC market
        The Business Times, 31 May 2013

     b. Exec condos drawing more buyers
         The Straits Times, Wednesday  3 April, 2013

    c. Some Buyers 'taking advantage of ECs to profit'
        The Straits Times,  Thursday, 17 Jan, 2013




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"Thank you for patiently taking your time to show us the mock-up flats, explaining the orientation of the scale models and providing us with valuable insights into the project and financing options.

Both myself and my wife really appreciate your effort."

 -- Hairul

"Among the agents I have come across so far, you are one of those few whom I feel at ease and comfortable speaking to. This is my frank and sincere opinion.   You truly live up to your words “Honesty and Integrity”

-- Chee Kin

"Thanks for your very kind and helpful adivce.  The testimonials were very true indeed. Another agent from xxxx is trying to make me appoint him as sole agent for EC, but did nothing much to advise like you did.  I really appreciate it"

-- J Ong

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He paid details to every single stage of the process and returned all phone calls, texts and emails the same day.  We never felt neglected or unimportant."

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