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Frequently Asked Questions on Executive Condominium


Do you have a question that needs an answer.  

These following FAQs are summarised from questions posted by my clients and/or prospects that I have served over the past few years.   Also some of the questions are summarised/edited from the Property Guru portal.

I have grouped these questions into 3 main categories:

a) Eligibility

b) Finances

c) General


If you need any further clarification and/or have any further question(s), feel free to call/sms/email or use the query form below





Do remember to provide further details (where aplicable) on 
1st/2nd timer status, citizenship, age, income, current property 



While every reasonable care has been taken care to ensure that the FAQ answers are current and accurate, the respective developers and the marketing agency, SRI and the SRI agent cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy.



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"Thank you for patiently taking your time to show us the mock-up flats, explaining the orientation of the scale models and providing us with valuable insights into the project and financing options.

Both myself and my wife really appreciate your effort."

 -- Hairul

"Among the agents I have come across so far, you are one of those few whom I feel at ease and comfortable speaking to. This is my frank and sincere opinion.   You truly live up to your words “Honesty and Integrity”

-- Chee Kin

"Thanks for your very kind and helpful adivce.  The testimonials were very true indeed. Another agent from xxxx is trying to make me appoint him as sole agent for EC, but did nothing much to advise like you did.  I really appreciate it"

-- J Ong

From a satisfied client who was referred by his friend. 
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"He gave us good advice based on our requirements. ....
He paid details to every single stage of the process and returned all phone calls, texts and emails the same day.  We never felt neglected or unimportant."

-- Sean Lee



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